Mr. Elton in the BBC Emma (1996)

Mr-and-Mrs-EltonThe same year we got Another Emma, created by Andrew Jackson and the team behind Pride and Prejudice in 1995. This is a darker story than McGrath´s version. There are many fans out there who prefer this, and I like it too. However Dominic Rowan´s Mr Elton is too sulky for my liking. Again he is dressed in black, this time by another award-winning designer, Jenny Beavan. Read more about her costumes here. Mr Knightley is so moody so I didn´t notice his costumes. Frank Churchill on the other hand is much better in this version and so are his costumes. Mr Elton´s outfits feel well researched and historically accurate. The ball scenes are very short so we don´t see much of Mr Elton´s finery. Mrs Elton is played by Lucy Robinson (Mrs Hurst in P & P. Liked her better there).

Sum up: Must take a look at the latest version of Emma!


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