Mr. Elton in Emma (2009)

Mr Mrs Elton 2009In 2009 we got a completely new take on Emma. In a two-part miniseries there was time to include more details from the novel. Three of the main characters are actually motherless – Emma, Jane Fairfax and Frank Churchill. The story begins with flashbacks to their childhood, and we get to understand why Mr Woodhouse is so very, very careful. The acting is perhaps too modern, several reviews have problems with that. It´s more like 21c people in gorgeous countryhouses dressed up in regency costumes. Enough said on that matter.  The costumes are different from the nineties adaptations. Designer Rosalind Ebutt chose to work with deep colours, especially for the ladies. And at last there are more than black garments in Mr Elton´s wardrobe! Some nice soft grey coats, striped waistcoats, etc. Blake Ritson does a good job with Mr E. The comedy is there, and so is his darker side. Christina Cole as Mrs Elton is very elegant, but her performance is a bit pale, only because I can´t forget Juliet Stevenson!

For the Crown inn ball Mr E wears the elegant and correct formal wear of the 1810s. Black tail coat, pale yellow silk breeches, white stockings, pumps,  and white waistcoat. Very much like fashion plates from the era. We are getting closer to what I plan on wearing, I think.

blake ritson


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