Shoes for Mr. Elton!

We have shoes! Or rather opera pumps – correct footwear with full dress. Mrs Elton was about to order new ball slippers from her supplier in the UK: Evans. They happen to sell shoes for the longer and wider foot, so I decided to join her in ordering black “ballerina pumps”, size 8. Only £19 and quick delivery! I removed the frivolous flowers and replaced them with masculine grosgrain ribbons. (I also found a pair of brass buckles in our stash and they could´ve worked but they actually made the shoes look more ladylike and store bought.) Perfect for elegant dancing! Read more about footwear during the Regency period here and here. Stockings: I ordered white cotton stockings from an online shop for traditional folk wear: Hemslöjden in Linköping. SEK130 (or £11) for one pair. Very comfortable but they have an unfortunate, striped effect. Might not use them if I find alternatives.


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