Vintage glacé kidskin gloves

Vintage glacé kidskin gloves

No true gentleman would dream of going to a ball without gloves. White gloves have always been a status symbol and a sign of breeding. Remember they were handmade by true artisans and therefore expensive. Frank Churchill decides to purchase a pair of gloves at Ford´s in Highbury. By spending money in the leading (only?) store in the village his reputation will be improved considerably. Touching a lady with bare hands when dancing would have been considered as too intimate and definitely a crossing of the comfort zone. Always wear gloves when dancing and shaking hands but remember to remove them when eating hors d´euvres, dinner etc. Earlier this week I biked over to the source of all things precious, rare and reasonably priced: Old Touch vintage shop in Stockholm. There I found these well preserved gentleman´s glacé kidskin gloves for as little as 80 SEK (about 9 euros). They are not extremely fragile but I put them on carefully. As you see they fit like a second skin. I am not going boxing in these! (As if I would…) Mrs Elton ordered her opera length cotton gloves from  Nehelenia Patterns in Germany.

Gloves 1

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