The Tailcoat

Modern tailcoat worn as a formal Regency tailcoat or frock coat.The ball is getting closer so there are two posts today. This is the frockcoat or tailcoat I´ll be wearing for the ball. (Ignore the waistcoat, more on the one I´m about to sew in the next post.) I mentioned earlier that I already have a vintage tailcoat in my possession. It is very well made, possibly 1930´s or 1940´s with a rich satin on the lapels. With some imagination, the cut makes it passable as very late Regency, somewhere around 1815 or so. Had it been a coat of lesser quality I might have taken liberties with it, but as it is now I only replaced the buttons (temporarily) to make it feel less like a modern tailcoat and a little bit more Regency. My inspiration came from this image below of you know who in the role of a certain gentleman. Metal buttons on a black coat for evening wear. (Where are his gloves?) If I remember correctly black coats usually had covered buttons. Metal (brass) buttons could be found on coats in navy, green, brown, etc.


I would have preferred a wider collar and the shoulders could have been less boxy, more like above on Darcy.  The lapels should be wool or perhaps velvet. Back to the buttons: One afternoon last week I searched for suitable buttons in some vintage shops and second hand stores, going through endless rows of colourful ladie´s jackets from the late 1900s. Many interesting buttons, but too navy or simply not right. Finally I found an acceptable button at the local fabric store. Bought eight of them. It took only three quarters of an hour to do the sewing while watching the ball scenes from the 2009 Emma. Promise to show better pics in my next post.

Adapting a modern coat to Regency frockcoat.


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