New project!

Spring is here and we have set a date for a Regency picnic. I can´t go in full dress, so I need to create something appropriate for this and upcoming outings. First, inspiration for this project.

French gentleman 1795

French gentleman 1795, by J L David.

This gentleman´s outfit is in the sporty Style Anglais and can be regarded as the prototype for the Regency gentleman. We have all seen this before:  dark tailcoat, high collared waistcoat, yellow breeches, top hat and riding boots. He is still wearing a wig (or his own hair coiffed and powdered?) but it was going out of fashion these years. This transitional style is particularily interesting.

Can I do it? Well I´m ready to try. Stay tuned for more details in the next post!



3 thoughts on “New project!

  1. You have a wonderful illustration from which to work! I will be interested to see the results.
    I am currently working toward an event myself: A Jane Austen Celebration and Evening Ball at the Historic Ramsey House in Knoxville, TN, U.S. I have started the knee breeches which seem shorter than French Gentlemen’s and with a different front. I’m not sure but isn’t he wearing a “drop front” style? Do the ties on the breeches secure the bottoms or do they somehow hold up the stockings?
    Best Wishes, Jim R.

    • Dear James, welcome to my blog! I’ll get back to the breeches in detail when I start to make them. Am doing research now. The French gentleman is wearing what seems to be buckskin breeches. The color and tight fit indicate that. At this time all fashionable trousers and breeches had a fall front, either wide or narrow. The ribbons at his knees keep the edge of the breeches tightly secured, and perhaps they also serve as garters for the stockings. Portraits and fashion plates show that these ribbons were “in” when wearing the breeches and boots combo. Obviously disappeared when trousers became the new thing (which happened around these years.) Good luck with your preparations for the ball!

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