Sense & Sensibility (2008)

Last week I rewatched the BBC version of Sense and Sensibility from 2008. (I confess, the 1996 film with Kate Winslet & Emma Thompson will always be one of my favourites. Harriet Walter! Imelda Staunton and Hugh Laurie! Elizabeth Spriggs and Robert Hardy! What actors!) The new version grows on you. Liked it much better this time. There is more time to follow the original storyline of the novel. Barton cottage is so rustic that we actually feel sorry for the Dashwoods and understand their desperate situation. What prospects have they out there? Michel Clapton designed the costumes. Set around 1799 we see the transition from Georgian to early Regency, which I find interesting. Very plain frocks on the Dashwoods though, esp when the girls go to London. Why look like poor relations when they were forced out of elegant Norland Park only the previous year? The gentlemen (Edward Ferrars, Col Brandon, Willoughby, and John “Mycroft” Dashwood) are wearing different versions of exactly the type of coat I am preparing to make: cutaway tails in a soft curve and the abscense of lapels. Typical late Georgian coat being transformed into the frock coat of the Regency.



Faux… breeches part 3

A quick post before going to the country (another long weekend over here)! On your request: a closeup of the almost finished fall front and what goes on behind it. Am not wearing them for the sake of propriety. I confess – some machine stitches here and there. Try to ignore the messy inside of the flap, will clean it up soon. The brass buttons are quite heavy, but so is the twill. They are “aged” because I didn’t want polished shiny buttons, and it would be a pain to make covered ones.

Faux… Breeches part 2

This weekend I made an effort to finish the kneebands. The side openings on the lower part of the legs have buttons, but the kneebands fasten with ribbons, either sewn on or running through channels. (Could otherwise be buttons or buckles, of course, but not on this style of 1790s-1800 breeches.) See the ribbons on the extant breeches? (An image that always turns up everywhere on the internet, the source is, but goes back to a page in a book?) These ribbons were tied in decorative bows, see the detail of the Mr Seriziat-portrait. In this way the kneeband would sit firmly below the knee and help to keep the stocking in place. The closeup shows how I backstiched two seams to create channels for the ties. I used some leftover bias tape when fitting, but I need to work out what tape or cord to use. Should be same material as breeches. The twill is very bulky though, so rolling and hand stitching it is definitely plan B. I´ll start with the fabric store – perhaps they have suitable tape in same colour as the breeches.