Faux buckskin breeches part 4: Photo session

Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona.11

I spent some cool morning hours in the country house finishing the “Faux buckskin breeches”. The process was fairly simple, although the sturdy cotton twill made handstitching rather laboursome. As silly as it sounds, I could only do one seam now and then, and let my delicate fingers rest in between. Things can never be easy, ey? Adding to that we did the improvised photo shoot on the hottest day so far this summer, and – surprise! – the close fitting breeches turned out to be rather warm. Try to ignore the modern shirt, as my period shirts and waistcoats are all in town. Managed to bring with me the stockings, though! Read previous posts here, here and here.

 Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona.12


Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona.7

Close up of the fall front (or front flap) although on appropriate distance. Notice the watch pocket on the waistband.

Adjusting the fall front.

Adjusting the fall front.

Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona. 5

Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona.10

The seat is surprisingly baggy, to enable movement. Notice the tight legs and the waistband made adjustable with the string and gusset. Of course everything will be hidden under the coat.


Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona.8

The knee-bands are tied with a double set of strings, made of the cotton twill, rolled and stitched. Notice the slightly longer legs on these breeches, a fashion often seen around 1800. Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona.14

Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona. 2

Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona.15

Breeches. Photo_Regencygentleman_Tigercrona. 3


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