The Tailcoat, part 3

The tailcoat is ready to be worn at a Regency ball tonight! Just two quick closeups of the buttons. In the end I decided not to use the polished brass buttons. They were too well-matched with the buttons on the breeches. Found these ornate ones, perhaps a bit too club blazer, but it will do this time. In the future I might make them selfcovered. What do you think? Eight buttons along the front opening (only one that actually closes), one at each side back seam and one at each cuff. More pictures later.


Regency tailcoat by Regencygentleman



2 thoughts on “The Tailcoat, part 3

  1. Love the buttons! My preference is for buttons that contrast with the coat providing a beautiful focal point for the garment. These fit the bill! You have crafted a wonderful coat! I am envious.

    • Thank you! I was not sure about the buttons, but after wearing the coat in public this weekend, and receiving many comments, they are staying… Will post more pictures soon. Thanks for dropping by!

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