Attending a Regency ball

The tailcoat was finished just in time for the Big Regency Ball. It was announced in June, so I had a deadline throughout the sewing. And what a ball it was! I ought to have don full dress (formal attire) but the occasion to show off my new garments was too perfect to miss. I combined the tailcoat and breeches with shirt, cravat and white silk waistcoat. White stockings and opera pumps. Fob watch and gloves. Hair coiffed Regency style.

Regencygentleman aka Mr Tigercrona

A glass of prosecco in the court yard. Guests are studying the dance programme.

A glass of prosecco in the courtyard. Guests are studying the dance programme.

Regency ball/Regencygentleman

Dance programme, gloves and fob watch.

A Regency ball

So many elegant ladies!

The ball was arranged by the Swedish Regency society (Empirsällskapet) and Gustafs skål, the Gustavian society. We were asked not to take pictures in the ballroom, so I have no images of actual dancing. Besides, I was busy doing just that. There was an official photographer present, but we are still waiting for his pictures. Stockholm is famous for its landmarks and historic buildings. That is the reason why this little gem is relatively unknown. The mansion was built in the 1790´s as a country retreat by a wealthy merchant. After years of modern renovations it is today restored to its Gustavian glory.

The ball room in the beutifully restored mansion from the 1790s.

The beautyfully restored ballroom. The musicians were excellent and their historical instruments truly impressive. Notice another gentleman (Carl) wearing the other pair of opera pumps that were seen this evening (at the right side).


A Regency ball

The quartet played wonderful music on historically accurate instruments – harpsicord, harp, violin, some sort of wooden flute, and bassoon. We danced various country dances, quadrilles and waltzes – like The Duke of Kent´s Waltz. Our hostess/dance master Anna Löfgren was gracious and the buffé style dinner was delicious. A memorable evening indeed! The following day we met up for a picnic, so come back soon for more pictures.

Regency gentleman aka mr Tigercrona



5 thoughts on “Attending a Regency ball

  1. Wonderful! Thank you for posting the photos. Your attire “came together” in a most successful way. I was interested to see the dances listed on the program—some of the same ones we do: Upon a Summers Day, Duke of Kent Waltz, Rufty Tufty and of course, Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot. (I’m still envious of your coat!) Well, done, indeed, sir.

  2. Thank you! I guess the dances are pretty standard. Big difference to dance to live music, don´t you agree? Do you have a favourite? The waltzes were new and also some of the French dances that were described in Swedish dance books from the years around 1800. We filmed several of them on the rehearsal the night before the ball, but I´m still waiting for them to be published online…

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