A Regency Picnic

There was a picnic too! The day after the ball we met up for some al fresco dancing,  eating, and social intercourse… We are fortunate to have a royal park (or I should say parks, for there are several) in Stockholm. King Gustaf III (the one who was shot at the masked ball) created the Haga park in the 1780´s in the English style with soft rolling hills, neoclassical temples and pavillions. Today the park is open to the public and a popular place for outings. The circa 1805 palace is the official residence of the Crown Princess of Sweden and her family.

Photo by Regencygentleman

The Royal Pavillion at Haga.



We all contributed to the feast. Our brave hosts Ylva and Jacob brought their vintage blue and white china and linen table cloths.



Photo: Regencygentleman

Yours Truly in Tailcoat and breeches with makeshift boots and straw hat. I have used the boots on many occasions, but they are not all that period. The hat was a lucky find from the local charity shop near our summer house. An old souvenir from Spain I think, but is totally acceptable with some vintage grosgrain ribbon around the crown. Note to self: remember to strenghten the middle seam on the breeches. It is put under considerable  strain when sitting on the ground (or mounting a horse).

Photo: Regencygentleman

Ladies in their picnic gowns. The Navy was present.


Of course we danced. Here we are getting ready for Rufty Tufty.


More dancing in the lovely Temple of the Echo. It was built in 1790 as an outdoor summer dining hall for the royals.


2 thoughts on “A Regency Picnic

  1. Thanks for the photos. The palace and pavilion look so inviting! The company looks wonderfully attired. I’m sure everyone had a memorable time.

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