I know, the Jane Austen festival just started in Bath. The Promenade took place only hours ago. I envy all you fortunate people who are there! Oh well another year. I have managed to be busy on my own, though. Last weekend was spent in Regency clothes. Again. You see how happy I was.


We were filming a new series called Kvalitet (“Quality”) for Swedish television. Different episodes will investigate the meaning of quality – what we wear, how much money and time we are prepared to spend on clothes, etc. You all know most of our clothes are manufactured in countries like Bangladesh and China. The health of the workers and the environment is at great risk when handling toxic chemicals in the dyeing process and pesticides are used in cotton fields as well as large quantities of water… Is it better to spend money on few but better quality – and therefore long lasting – garments? Recycling? Vintage?

Where does your Regency Gentleman fit into all of this? Well, how did people manage to be (well) dressed one, two or three generations ago?  Or during war rationings? I was there to talk about my interest in recreating clothes from the past. Handstitching. Where to find fabrics. Inspiration. Research.

The show’s host is Camilla Thulin, a famous fashion and costume designer, celebrity stylist as well as an arbiter of taste. And she is always incredibly well dressed.

Day one we were shooting in a museum-apartment (where time stopped in 1937 – so I couldn´t help feeling a little bit overdressed). We had coffee and a male sewing club, sort of. It was staged but we had small sewing projects to fiddle on while talking. Adam and I were representing Regency-fashions. Severin is a professionally trained tailor and he the fourth guest Stefan both collect vintage suits from the early 1900´s and they actually wear them on a every day basis.

Day two a taxi collected me and drove me to Haga, the park I wrote about in the picknick-post.  It was a lovely day so it was a joy to sit outside in nice company. We continued our sewing in a beautiful gazebo as Camilla was filmed talking to the viewers. After many shots from various angles we changed to the final segment: us parading on the lawn as a group and individually in different outfits. No trailer in sight so we changed nearby in the small café. The filming was very relaxed and we all had a great weekend. The show will air in October-November. It remains to be seen if we all end up on the cutting room floor…

The crew getting ready for filming.

The crew getting ready for filming. Camilla Thulin in a vintage dress from 1930-something.


I managed to take a selfiewith  the other gentlemen in the background.

Photo by Severin Gottsén

Caught with my phone. Stefan in a well tailored suit from 1930-40, if I remember it correctly. Photo by Severin Gottsén.

Adam in Regency attire. Photo by Camilla Thulin.

Adam in Regency attire. Photo by Camilla Thulin.

Me playing with the dog Musse. Photo by CAmilla Thulin.

Me playing with Camilla´s dog Musse. Photo by Camilla Thulin.

Visit Camilla´s blog here!


4 thoughts on “Filming…

  1. Again I am impressed with the your ability to craft these garments. I am inspired to continue my efforts after I read your posts. I only regret that I won’t be able to view Kvalitet since I live in the U.S.

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