The Regency Ball

Dull November is almost behind us, but I believe we need something cheerful before Christmas. There was a photographer at the ball back in August, and his collection of photographs were recently published online. Here they are, accompanied by some lovely music. There is a short text in the beginning and it says this ball celebrates  two hundred years of uninterrupted peace in Sweden. Enjoy!

(The dancing is seen towards the later third of the film, so be patient. There was some socializing in the courtyard before the dancing started. The period, buffet style dinner was served when we were halfway through the dance programme.)

Everybody did their best to look really splendid. Do you spot your favourite ensemble?

All photos by Gunnar Reinerdahl.


4 thoughts on “The Regency Ball

  1. Outstanding! Just the inspiration I need for the upcoming Fete and Prideful Ball during the Holiday Season. Thank you for these wonderful photos!

    • I’m glad you liked the post. Hope you take time to enjoy the Holiday season. (perhaps not all that hard if it includes a ball of that calliber.) Thanksgiving coming up this week, right?

      • Right. One question about the Regency Ball dinner I forgot to ask you. Who made all the wonderful food? I spent some time just admiring the presentation.

  2. I could have spent hours just eating! The manor is managed mainly by The Gustavian Society Gustaf´s Skål and they know everything about the 1700s. Several members are most likely food historians. They had a team of volunteers/members, but I think most of the food was created by Mrs Löfgren, our gracious hostess and dance instructor. (The lady in green silk and brown hair seen in many of the photos.)

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