Christmas outing

Last Sunday, ten days before Christmas, the Filmstaden arranged their annual Christmas market. I was there. Perhaps you wonder why?

Regencygentleman aka Mr Tigercrona

Filmstaden is the old studio where Swedish films were produced from 1920-1970. Greta Garbo and Ingrid Bergman began their careers here. The film industry moved elsewhere in the late 1960s and today a foundation is taking care of the few surviving buildings. They arrange guided tours, screening, talks on film history, etc. There is still a movie theatre, and a nice café and two restaurants. Below is the famous gate, gatehouse and the smaller studio.


A famous film from the early days is The Saga of Gosta Berling, based on a novel from 1891.Greta_Garbo_in_Gösta_Berlings_Saga_1924

It was filmed here in 1924 starring a young Greta Garbo. The dramatic story is set in the 1820s in the western part of the country, near Norway, where lavish country houses and manors are tucked away in the dark woods. A defrocked but dashing clergyman (!) causes great commotion among the local gentry, especially the ladies. The film was a huge success and Ms Garbo left for Hollywood. Watch a clip here:

Back to us. The organizer wanted to highlight the film and invited us to help create the right atmosphere. Regency/Empire-era christmas fairs don´t happen very often in Sweden, so naturally I wanted to be there. I met up with Helena, who creates costumes from different eras. She was very elegant in a green pelisse with matching beret. Our base was a gorgeous sleigh which offered a good backdrop for photographing. Alas, the horse was as fake as the snow… But there were real horses too, and an open carriage, for those who wanted to take a tour. We got many questions about our clothes. We costumers like that, don´t we? The Swedish public was as always ever so ignorant about fashions from this era. But when you say “Jane Austen” they get it.


Photo: Regencygentleman

Miss Helena and the horse in front of one of the studio buildings.


Photo: Regencygentleman

Later on we got some assistance from two gentlemen, Osmo and Peter Alexander. Here they´ve just enjoyed coffee and waffles in the gate house-turned-café.


Regencygentleman aka Mr Tigercrona

Tailcoat, breeches and top boots. The hat is one or two sizes too small, but the best I could do. It is a family heirloom, once worn by great-uncle August.


Regencygentleman aka Mr Tigercrona

The top boots were really comfortable, and looked great, so I guess they passed the test.


Photo: Regencygentleman

Photo: Regencygentleman


Photo: Regencygentleman aka Mr Tigercrona




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