Upcoming event!

Dance programmeWhat you see above in today´s post is the dance-program for an assembly taking place on Sunday, 1 March. The venue is again the lovely restored Gustavian manor where I attended a ball last summer. My dear Mrs. E. decided to brush the dust off her dance slippers and have her gown pressed and join me! A rare treat! There will be musicians performing on period instruments and, I believe, skilled instructors. The dances are a veritable pot-pourri of English country dances and Swedish/French menuetts and quadrilles. Several are rather advanced, I´m afraid. Only four or five of these are familiar to me, so it will be a (delightful) challenge. Dress code: Period, ca 1800, give or take a decade or so.

Found this clip of La Petite Malice performed by the pros at L´accademie de Menuet:

4 thoughts on “Upcoming event!

  1. Thank you so much for sharing the video of this very graceful performance!
    Accidentally, I have the chance to go to a ball on the last day of this month. We too have “Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot” on our dance list. I have never danced it before, but I have developed a burning ambition to master it.
    I wish you a very pleasant and romantic ball!!

  2. Sounds wonderful! Thank you for the video. My experience with quadrilles is limited. I did dance Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot at a rather large ball two summers ago in Louisville. I hope you will please post photographs of the dancers and the venue. I always enjoy your photos and envy you being a part of such excellent events.

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