New project!

Photo by Regencygentleman

A small one, but still a project! This is going to be a new waistcoat. I have two finer ones (read here and here) and need something less formal for outings and other occasions. One can´t have too many waistcoats, ey! So I found this pink linen – I believe it was once a tea-towel – and I knew immediately what to do with it. I have spent many hours online analyzing portraits 1790-1810 with nice double-breasted waistcoats and generous lapels, but I think there is just enough material for a simple single-breasted dito.  The sheer, unbleached cotton/linen blend for back and lining, and half a dozen of these metal buttons. Could be nice when combined with the dark navy tailcoat and buff breeches. All hand stitched, of course.

Something like MacFadyen´s Darcy, below? Or the 1813 fashion plate?



7 thoughts on “New project!

  1. MacFadyen’s Darcy looks as though he should have been herding those pigs they had running in and out of the Bennet house instead of living in that great house. Darcy might wear a pink cotton backed waistcoat but he’d look like the well dressed gentleman. Darcy was no Heathciff or Werther.

  2. An interesting project. I have studied Macfaden’s waistcoat and have always wondered about the collar. Attached or a part of the whole piece?

    • The collar is attached. Not cut in one piece with the rest of the waistcoat. Was that done? Maybe difficult to see the seams but you can see that the stripes go in different directions.

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