Over the last days I have made some progress on the waistcoat. When I wrote my last post there was spring in the air and it felt so right to start on a summery linen waistcoat. Not anymore. Nearly freezing, and even snow a couple of times. Well, I pulled myself together, and over the last days I cut all the pieces, and started to sew. I really enjoy hand-stitching and could not imagine to do this particular garment differently. (Only if time was pressed or similiar…)

Photo by Regencygentleman

Front pieces cut and stitched. There is a seam along the entire left side. The strip of sturdy linen is sandwiched between the layers for interlining. It is necessary to have some structure along the buttons and button holes.

Photo by Regencygentleman

Both layers of both front pieces sewn together along both sides, then turned right side out. It is historically correct to treat outer fabric and lining as one piece. The edges appear somewhat uneven, but they are yet to be pressed.

Photo by Regencygentleman

The back: sewn together along the curved lines, both (identical) layers are then pinned together (right sides together) and stitched along the side and armscye.


Difficult to see (as if I was sewing by candlelight), but right side done. Left side to go.


Photo by Regencygentleman

A closeup of my hand stitched seam.

Next step is to turn right side out, press the edges, and then pin the back to the front pieces, check fit, then baste together sides and shoulders. Must not forget to baste the hem. Then start on buttonholes and collar!


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