Even more sewing…

The waistcoat is nearing completion, save for closure and collar. I have sewn the two front pieces to the back at shoulders and sides. Since all three pieces already had finished edges I was able to quickly whip-stitch them together. This is how I did it:


Whip-stitching the side seam.



Side seam is done. When laid out flat the stitches work as the spiral in a binder.


This technique is possible when all pieces have been sewn together separately, outer fabric with lining, right side facing right side, then turned inside out. Now you have lined pieces with neat edges since the seam allowance is hidden between the layers. The garment is then assembled in the way I described above. Somewhere online I saw a linen shirt (or shift) done this way, only that the edges were first hemmed and then whip stitched. Is perhaps easier than using the backstitch and then binding the seam allowances? Does it make sense? Have you tried this? And if so, did it work?


3 thoughts on “Even more sewing…

  1. Haven’t tried whip stitching sections together but looks like a great idea. By the way, your photos are excellent and show clearly what you have done. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m really interested in how you will add the collar.
    I’ve attached one before which came out better than I expected. I’m sure there must be an easy way to manage collars than my guess-work.

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