Spring Assembly and Gentlemen´s hair

Spring came late to my corner of the world. Now all trees are in full bloom, of course, and Nature is at its best, but only one month ago it was rainy and miserable. So much better then that I was able to attend not only one but two merry dance events! In March The Regency group met up for some informal dancing and eating. It was our usual go-to place, the Tyresö castle.  And as always I failed to take any pictures of us dancing since I was so busy doing just that. The music came from a playlist, and as you can see we did not bother to move about the furniture too much. It was nice to meet some new fellows there!

Photo by Regencygentleman

Getting ready in the ballroom.

Photo by Regencygentleman

What dances next? You have to admit this looks like one of those period water colour sketches.

Photo by Regencygentleman

Just to show that I was there. Still in my 1790´s phase.


And what it could look like in a French fashion plate, c 1790. More of the big “Hedgehog” style, but you see the shape with big curls on both sides, set quite low, completely covering the ears. Actually my wig looks nothing like this…


Perhaps like this? Although very “natural”. Friedrich Schiller by Ludovike Simanoiz, 1790´s.


Or this? A (unfinished) portrait of King Gustav III of Sweden, by Lorens Pasch the younger, Late 1780`s?

Photo by Regencygentleman

Not a great photo at all, but this is us having brunch in the restaurant. We also managed to occupy and re-arrange several tables.

There was another event in May, this time with music performed by this wonderful ensemble I wrote about after the ball last summer. This was in town, at the Kristinehof manor. Costume-wise there were many fine outfits ranging from 1750´s-1810´s.

Photo by Regencygentleman

Instructions. Some of the new dances were rather difficult! The menuett is perhaps not my cup of tea…

And back to some more wig-talk:

Photo by Regencygentleman aka Mr Tigercrona

Slightly out of focus and cropped head, but I wore the new waistcoat. And restyled the wig. It was falling down last time and needed to be repinned. I ended up with more 1770-1780 in style. Will go back to the later style, but it was fun to try. Notice the chinoiserie/rococo style wallpaper in this lovely chamber?


A similar hairstyle can be seen in this portrait. I realise now that my wig lacks the relative lightness. It looks too heavy and should be brushed back more. The Earl of Suffolk, painting by Joshua Reynolds, 1770´s.


Here a tidier, powdered version, more conical in shape. Count Andrey Kyrillovich Razumovsky. Painting by Alexander Roslin, 1776.

Oh, well. Wigs are very practical and fun (don´t you think?), but next event I go to will be in my own hair. Back to 1800-something. Another post? I end this one with the period correct dance programme from the May assembly.



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