A New Tailcoat! Part 2

Weekend? What is a weekend? I know what I will be up to anyway. Sewing. 

Here follows a quick update on the tailcoat-status. Last week I made a new toile and cut all main pieces in wool, linen and (where required) canvas. Luckily my 2,5 metres was more than enough so it will be easy to cut pocket flaps, cuffs, and collar.


Then it was high time to return to work after a long, glorius vacation. Perhaps not the best idea to start a new sewing project the same week. 

Below I was about to start padstitching the linen canvas to the front. When that was done I added some padding to the shoulder/chest area.


I continued with stitching cotton tape to reinforce the bottom edge and tail.

Photo by Regencygentleman

Photo by Regencygentleman

Shoulders and side seams are quickly basted together to check fit. The tail lining is only pinned in place. I need to think a little bit more about the lapels, so I cut them very generously. (It is easier to trim excess fabric rather than adding, right?)

Photo by Regencygentleman

The back looks like a mess, but do not get upset. Only the middle back seam is done properly at this stage. I see now that the neck opening needs to be trimmed quite a lot. The padding is seen through the armscye.


Oh, and I have stitched the sleeves (under sleeve to front). No photo documentation of that, though. Hopefully there is more to come after two days of work, so please stay tuned!


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