Getting ready for the grand Regency ball of 2015

It all started on Thursday night with a lengthy dance practice. A list with thirteen (!) dances were in announced for the ball, and several of them were new to many of us. Period costume was optional. Not going in costume would have been a waste, so I chose a sporty outfit consisting of shirt, linen waistcoat, cravat, black trousers, and boots.

The local radio had heard about the festival so five of us met up one hour earlier and made a live interview. The reporter got to try The Duke of Kent´s waltz and she was completely overwhelmed by the setting, the music, our costumes, everything. Perfectly understandable…

The wonderful musicians were there, as was our teacher, Mistress Anna Löfgren. We were about forty students, all eager to learn. We focused on the quadrilles, which made me dizzy by the end of the evening. There was no camera, but below is one of the quadrilles, Fredrike, recorded on a different day with some of the friends who attended the ball, here in 18th c. costume.

Needless to say we were all very excited about the ball. I quickly snapped some photos when we were in general turmoil, before dragging our tired feet home.





The final thing I did that night was to make sure I had everything in order: clean stockings, shirt, breeches, waistcoat, opera pumps, fob watch, gloves.  (No valet in sight, so I had to do everything myself.)






I used new grosgrain ribbon (100% cotton) for garters.



This post is already a mix of all sorts so why not throw in a “daguerrotype” selfie as grand finale?


A post with everything about the ball and following picknick follows as soon as I get all photos sorted!


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