Just An Ordinary Sunday

The world is in turmoil, but I have been blessed with a beautiful autumn and even one or two lazy Sundays.

One Sunday I joined some of my fellow Regency friends for a dance-social at the Tyreso Castle. We took time for luncheon between dances and finished the day with a brisk walk in the park before going back to Town.

The ball room was available so we had plenty of space. We were about eight or nine couples. We danced the usual ones from Playford´s repertoire: Hole in the Wall, Mr Beveridge, Upon a Summer´s day, Shrewsbury lasses (must be one of my favourites!) and I learned a new one: Sir Roger de Coverley. Click here for the best youtube clip I was able to find. (It looks very different from what I remember, and I now realise that we must have danced a different version…)

Photo by Regencygentleman


For this outing I chose to wear my new tailcoat, the opera-waistcoat, breeches, boots, and top hat. Sorry for all the links, but the only photo I managed to take is the one above.




My friends photographed off guard, without any warning. We had lunch in one of the small dining rooms.

Photo by Regencygentleman

My appologies for sneaking up on you! Conversation was lively, and we discussed Bath, the recent events in Paris, Colonial Williamsburg, uniforms…



Leaving the ball room for a walk through the park. Everybody is putting on their shawls, bonnets, hats, and spencers.


What does it say? Luckily one of the gentleman carried a – ehum – torch.

Photo by Regencygentleman

Ylva and Jacob in their Regency finery.


It was probably the last chance to meet before the holidays. There are one or two balls coming up, although they are eighteenth century, so mostly a different set of people. How about your autumn? Any opportunities to meet friends and dress upp in Regency, or other eras? Any dancing?


3 thoughts on “Just An Ordinary Sunday

  1. Our English Country Dance group will host our first ball. We are fortunate to have several teen agers (three young men and four young ladies) who are fascinated by English country dancing. They are also interested in dressing for the occasion which has afforded me the honor of “dressing” the young men. I have made cravats for each as well as knee breeches crafted from modern trousers. (My time was limited so I couldn’t make authentic breeches—maybe next year). I was able to give them three of my waistcoats (yellow, green stripe and claret) with alternations on the claret only. Two young men have coat size similar to my own so I was able to loan them my green and black tail coats. The third young man was unfortunately too small for my other black coat. (I’ll have him one next year.)
    They are all excited with my load to top hats (two black and one gray). The Ball is scheduled for this Sunday. I’m sure everyone will have a smashing time.

    • Sounds wonderful! Hosting a ball is great fun but means a lot of work. And very generous of you to share your precious garments with the youngsters. I wish you a successful evening!

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