Happy Christmas

Dear all,

T’is the season to be jolly! Or is it? I never comment on politics, but I have to say 2016 saw a world in turmoil. How did that happen? On a personal level I cannot complain, 2016 turned out to be rather terrific. One week before Christmas, for example, I had the opportunity to see this gorgeous carriage up close. The painted decor does feel appropriate for this time of year, don´t you think?

It is a phaeton, or a curricle, an elegant carriage for the sporty and perhaps even adventurous gentleman driver. (Remember Willoughby and Miss Marianne in Sense and Sensibility, 1996? Or Sir Percy and Jane Seymour in Scarlet Pimpernel, 1982?) This particular carriage was used by the De Geer family in the 1790´s, and is now in the stable building in Leufstad, once their country seat with ironworks two hours north of Stockholm. This type of vehicle was very light, drawn by a single horse, and could go fast, just for fun. There is a seat in the rear for a groom or footman, though, so the gentleman (and his company) was not completely unattended. (On a side note: feeding a horse cost £30 a year, more than dressing the groom in his liveries and feeding him…)

Behold the phaeton! It is really elegant, isn´t it?

The snow is gone now, but this heavenly view greeted me when arriving at work one or two weeks ago.

Regencygentleman aka Mr Tigercrona

Let us pretend I wore Regency attire all the time. Tally ho!