Updating my Wardrobe: a New Black Silk Coat, part 2

I thought I’d update you on the status of the coat. I’ve had some work weekends lately but the ambition has been to sew half an hour or so on weekday evenings. (It is sort of difficult so handle black silk at night when ones eyes are tired.)

Fitting the sleeves. The tails are still unfinished. The taffeta looks like stiff paper here…

Over to the button factory. This style of coat needs large, covered buttons, and I decided to make my own from inexpensive wooden craft buttons, 30 mm in diameter. The ones I found come in bags with a dozen, and we already had some spare ones in a glass jar filled with craft supplies, so there are enough. Two at the back, two on each cuff, and between nine and eleven buttons on the front, depending on what looks best. They are all non-functional, so no need for real buttonholes!

This is when I drilled holes in the wooden button for the shank, made from wire:

Making self-covered buttons.

The buttons are then covered in black taffeta:

Next step: covering the wooden buttons with silk.

I found a nice cuff that was in vogue 1785-90, as seen on several coats in V&A:

Coat, striped silk, c. 1785-1790. These buttons are gorgeous, aren´t they? Notice the nice handmade stitches? Victoria and Albert museum, T.92-1962.

Here I pinned a cuff on one sleeve:

The cuff is pinned in place to check the fit.

It can work, I think.

On to the collar and sewing on the buttons. And finishing the tails and the hem. Did I tell you I was planning to wear this coat in less than 24 hours? Fingers crossed…


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