Dear Readers,

Welcome to Regencygentleman! I initially started this blog as a one-off to share my process when researching and creating an 1813 outfit for a ball arranged by the Swedish Regency society (Empirsällskapet). My character was Mr. Philip Elton, the elegant but somewhat slimy vicar created by Jane Austen in her beloved novel Emma. Therefore this sporadic blog continues in his name. The number of gentlemen’s costume blogs is very limited, so I hope to make a contribution (however small it may be) in that field. I am afraid this blogging-thing is also an act of narcissism…

I am an academic and work in a museum. I have a fascination for recreating the past. I am not a trained tailor but have created several historical costumes throughout the years.

Comments and feedback is always welcome.

Thank you for dropping by!




14 thoughts on “About

  1. Fantastic stuff, I’m just embarking on creating my first regency outfit, so finding this blog is a great resource for me. Cheers

  2. I just found this blog a couple of days ago…I love that it is a resource for mens Regency costuming alone, and also written by a man. The photos are great, as well!!

    Thank you so much Petr……errrr…..
    Mr. Elton for this blog. I hope you continue to update this blog for years to come, as I start on my own Regency costuming exploits.

    • Dear Kaloyan,
      Welcome to my blog! I’m happy to contribute with some excitement or at least inspiration. 😀 I think this is still the only costume blog for gents interested in the Regency/Empire era. You can follow for updates, or just inbox me if you are wondering things. (Haven’t connected it to Facebook or Instagram.)

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